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Student support

If you experience difficulties or have any concerns about university life, visit the Student Affairs Office.
Friendly and supportive staff are there to help.
We are happy to assist you with any matter, large or small.
All interactions are treated in the strictest confidentiality.
If you would rather not meet in person, send us an email by clicking on the link below.

Harassment on campus

Okayama Shoka University is committed to providing a safe and welcoming campus environment where all students and teaching staff are free from the threat of harassment.
If you experience any forms of harassment, please report your concerns to the counselors.
Your right to privacy will be upheld at all times, and you will not be disadvantaged in any way by making a report, which is treated with strictest confidentiality.

Psychiatric counseling service

Okayama Shoka University offers a weekly counseling service by a psychiatrist.
You might be feeling down, listless, or devoid of motivation.
Perhaps you’re feeling on edge, or irritable, or uneasy.
Maybe you have trouble sleeping.
For these types of symptoms, a counseling session could be a good idea.
It would be a weight off from your mind if you have someone listen to you, so please feel free to visit us.
You can make an appointment at the School Affairs counter.

>Student insurance
(Personal Accident Insurance for Students Pursuing Education and Research)

All students at Okayama Shoka University are automatically enrolled in the student insurance scheme.
Insurance premiums are met by the University for the entire period from commencement through to graduation, with no additional cost to students.
The student insurance scheme covers accidental and unexpected external injuries sustained during classes and university events, while moving within or between facilities on campus, during external activities, while commuting to or from the university, or while resident at a university accommodation facility.
More details are provided in the student insurance guidebook distributed to new students at induction.

Assistance with the acquisition of qualifications

Qualifications preparatory courses

Okayama Shoka University offers preparatory courses for students wishing to obtain qualifications for the purpose of further extending skills, developing a broader outlook, or pursuing a career path or specific employment opportunity.
Many qualification courses are provided on campus at lower cost than external training organizations.
Students also benefit from some courses that have on-campus qualification examinations on the last day of the entire courses and others whose completion exempts students from part of qualification examinations.

New courses can be provided for specific qualifications where there is sufficient demand. Contact Shodai Juku for details.

Financial assistance for external qualifications

Students who successfully passed a certain national or state qualification examination may be eligible for refund of part of their course fees. Contact Shodai Juku for details.