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About Okayama Shoka University

Career Support
Our Career Center supports students and alumni’s recruitment activities by providing them with career advice and counseling, resume reviews, and mock interviews, as well as by holding career events for both Japanese and overseas students. We also offer students various internship opportunities which lay a solid social foundation for the future career. Shodai Juku offers a wide range of programs for acquiring qualifications and for passing employment examinations for public officials.
Collaboration with local institutions
The comprehensive curriculum connects classroom education to real-world situations where theory is put into practice. Students learn practically through field studies collaborating with the local community, as well as through a variety of practical trainings and seminars.
A kind and caring university
Every student has access to a comprehensive range of pastoral care and support services in relation to life on campus as well as future employment and further studies.


Okayama Shoka University by the numbers

Employment rate

97.7% - the class of 2018


More than 24,000

Active learning classes

Over 260


Okayama Prefectural Kibi Shogyo Gakko was founded

Global network

Student exchange programs with 22 overseas universities Language study and internships in 8 countries

Ratio of students continuing onto postgraduate study

No. 1 in Japan for five years (University Ranking by AERA Mook, Asahi Shimbun Publications)

Graduates working as licensed
tax accountants

More than 100

Graduates engaged
in teaching

More than 250

Graduates working at Okayama
Police Department

About 130 (according to Okayama Police Department)