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To keep abreast of the latest changes in ICT and globalization, the Graduate School at Okayama Shoka University aims to cultivate people who not only analyze the social phenomena accurately, but also contribute to society with highly-specialized knowledge of commerce, law and economics. Our school endeavors to enhance accessibility for working professionals, by providing refresher courses and “recurrent” education programs under the day and night course system.

The Graduate School of Business and Commerce

The Graduate School of Business and Commerce at Okayama Shoka University offers both two-year and three-year programs as well as a one-year course for those with business experience. Our Graduate School offers three streams: marketing, accounting and commercial and business management. Postgraduates work independently on honing their skills in formulating research methodologies and preparing a master’s thesis under the guidance of their supervisor, developing a deeper understanding of the theory and practice of commerce, business administration and accounting through a combination of advanced study and practical training.

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The Graduate School of Law

The Graduate School of Law inculcates highly developed analytical and problem-solving skills based on advanced knowledge of legal theory, through which the program nurtures personnel with high expertise who can be in charge of corporate legal work and tax accountancy. Courses are structured to accommodate the needs of those currently in employment.
Post-graduates who have completed a master’s thesis on tax law are exempted from two subjects of tax accountant examination among the three.

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The Graduate School of Economics

Through a combination of theoretical and demonstrative economics education and research guidance, the Graduate School of Economics nurtures highly-specialized business personnel who can take an active role in their communities and global world. The unique and challenging curriculum encompasses dedicated subjects such as Environmental Economics and Regional Economic Policy.

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