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The Faculties and the Graduate Schools

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In order to ensure that each and every student reaches their full potential, Okayama Shoka University is committed to providing practical courses that reflect our academic perspectives and the standpoints we champion.

The Faculties and the Departments

The Faculty of Law, the Department of Law

Courses at the Faculty of Law and the Department of Law are not only for those who wish to specialize in law; a grounding in legal theory and skills is also indispensable for those who aim to succeed in public service and private industry.

The Faculty of Economics, the Department of Economics

The Department of Economics has ranked 1st in the University Ranking (AERA Mook, Asahi Shimbun Publications) in Japan for the last 5 years, according to the ratio of students going on to postgraduate schools. Our graduates have become eligible for well-known postgraduate institutions such as the Graduate of School of Tokyo University and Osaka University. We have also created a new course designed specifically to lead to careers in the finance industry.

The Faculty of Business Administration, the Department of Business Administration

The Department of Business Administration equips graduates with the skills and competencies to perform in the world of business while at the same time preparing them for leadership role in the future. Students can choose from three courses tailored to adapt the rapidly-changing business environment of today. Each course allows students either to specialize in particular areas of their interests or to cover a broad range of areas to obtain a comprehensive knowledge of business.

The Faculty of Business Administration, the Department of Business and Commerce

Commerce is fundamentally about building relationships of trust and sincerity. The Department of Business and Commerce seeks to equip students not only with the theoretical and practical skills of business, but also with the interpersonal and community-building skills necessary to succeed.

Graduate schools

To keep abreast of the latest changes in ICT and globalization, the Graduate School at Okayama Shoka University aims to cultivate people who not only analyze the social phenomena accurately, but also contribute to society with highly-specialized knowledge of commerce, law and economics. Our school endeavors to enhance accessibility for working professionals, by providing refresher courses and “recurrent” education programs under the day and night course system.

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