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Educational objectives

The Graduate School of Law inculcates highly developed analytical and problem-solving skills based on advanced knowledge of legal theory, through which the program nurtures personnel with high expertise who can be in charge of corporate legal work and tax accountancy, embracing and adapting to changes in the industry environment and wider society.

>Education and research programs

The curriculum is simultaneously predicated on the founding principles of the University and tailored to the changing needs of the world around us. The overarching aim is to nurture the high-level legal and analytical skills needed to cope with complex real-world issues from a legal point of view. Courses are designed to accommodate postgraduate students in full-time employment. Many alumni have gone on to enjoy successful careers as taxation accountants. Dedicated subjects such as Advanced Taxation Accountancy and Advanced Administrative Scrivener provide training for professionals who want to step up for next career stage.

Typical subjects

We offer Civil Law, Commercial Law, and Taxation Law which cover corporate legal work, together with the Constitution of Japan, Administrative Law, and Medical Law which deal with diverse social issues.