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Commerce is fundamentally about building relationships of trust and sincerity with customers, as well as with communities. The Department of Business and Commerce seeks to equip students not only with the theoretical and practical skills of business, but also with the interpersonal and community-building skills they will need to succeed.

Key features


A fundamental grounding in business

During the first year, students consider their future career path and choose one of the four courses available from the second year: marketing, business planning and design, tourism or financial planning (FP).


Practical financial skills

Students in the Financial Planning course develop real-world skills pertinent to local financial institutions and real estate agencies and get involved in projects such as the Kids Money Program to boost financial literacy among elementary school children.


Engagement with the local community

Field studies are used extensively at the Department of Business and Commerce as a means of learning about business in real-world setting, which helps students not only contextualize the study of business in the context of the communities, but also develops practical business skills along with real-world project planning and execution techniques and communication skills.

Four-year course structure

  • First-year Basic grounding in theory and practice

    In the first year, students acquire a basic grounding in the fundamentals of business theory and practice. The First-year Seminar, which is configured to accommodate individual interests, career aspirations and skills, will encourage students to prepare for more specialized learning from the second year.
    Core subjects: First-year Seminar, Introduction to Business I and II, Introduction to Digital Technology I and II, Bookkeeping I

  • Second-year Starting specialized learning

    The second year is split into four courses to allow students to specialize in areas of interest. The Research Seminar is introduced in each course. There is also a special seminar to learn research methodologies participating in field studies, which will be developed into researches for graduation thesis.
    Core subject: Research Seminar (second year)

  • Third-year Further specialization in theoretical and practical skills

    Students draw upon foundational knowledge acquired in the first and second years to pursue more specialized theoretical and practical studies that align with their particular interests and career objectives. The Research Seminars encourage students to participate in research activities under the instruction of the teaching staff.
    Core subjects: Research Seminar (third year)

  • Fourth-year Graduation thesis

    The fourth year is when students compile the fruits of four years of study. Under the tutelage of the instructor, they write a graduation thesis, making the best use of all the theoretical knowledge and practical skills they have acquired at university.
    Core subjects: Research Seminar (fourth year)


Message from the Dean of the Faculty of Department of Business and Commerce

Welcome to the Department of Business and Commerce, filled with the happiest smiles on campus! Back in the Edo period there was a saying that a smile is the secret to success in business, and that’s just as true in the modern era of AI and Big Data as it was back then. In fact, business is all about making customers and clients satisfied.