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Akio Ijiri President Okayama Shoka University

To those of you about to embark on a new chapter in your life

Well done on making it through the long years of compulsory school education.
Since your early childhood, you have been governed by rules given by others,
Of which you have been unquestioningly observant.
But now, you are free to choose your own path in life.

You do not have to behave as expected by others any longer.
You do not have to pursue commonplace dreams arranged by others.
Set yourselves big challenges. It will lead you to greater joy and happiness.
Now is your chance to find your true self, to start dreaming big.

Each of you is an entrepreneur of your own dream-building workshop.
Will you be able to realize your dream? That depends on your good management.
Now is the time to discover what you really want in life and start working towards it. And we are here to help. We’ll be behind you all the way.

Akio Ijiri

Okayama Shoka University