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Today’s business world is seeking personnel who can take the initiative as leaders when needed. Our core mission at the Department of Business Administration is to equip students with the skills and competencies to become the next generation of business leaders, which will be implemented by providing students with a wide range of subject choices and options so they can tailor the program to their individual needs and interests.

Key features


Three dedicated courses

The Department of Business Administration offers courses in the three key areas of business administration, accounting, and media and information, so students can have the option of focusing on accounting or media and information with a general grounding in business administration.


Lectures by business leaders in Okayama

“Okayama Business Administrators” is a unique course which gives students the opportunity to hear first-hand from leading local business owners and entrepreneurs drawn from a variety of industries, thereby supplementing their theoretical studies with practical insights from the real world of business.


Qualification support

With the necessary credits obtained in the teacher training course, students can take teacher’s license: upper secondary school teacher Class I (commercial/IT). We also support students who wish to obtain external qualifications such as licensed accountant and licensed tax accountant, by providing a range of flexible curricula and support programs that draw on the accumulated experience and expertise of Okayama Shoka University.

Four-year course structure

  • First-year Acquiring basic study skills

    Students spend the first year learning the basics of business administration, information literacy (including media and information) and fundamental accounting theory. The first year is critical to identify areas of interest that they wish to pursue in later years.

  • Second-year Mapping out a career path

    In the second year students take a one-year Research Seminar where they will clarify their individual areas of interest and identify fields of specialization to pursue in the following years, and work with instructors to map out a career path for the future.

  • Third-year Research Seminars

    In the third year, students take a two-year Research Seminar (over third and fourth years) from each of the three course areas: business administration, media and information and accounting. All seminars have a strong focus on fundamental skills of communication and logical reasoning, which will be fundamental to success in today’s business world.

  • Fourth-year Graduation thesis

    The fourth year is spent producing a graduation thesis with skills of research, reasoning and writing which students have learned and acquired so far with us. Some would argue that the graduation thesis has little relevance to the real world. But this is mistaken: the ability to express their ideas clearly is vital in any workplace, while the sense of achievement having completed a graduation thesis is very much a real-world experience.


Message from the Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration

The Department of Business Administration is proud to boast the highest employment rates at Okayama Shoka University. This can be attributed to a triple-pronged approach that equips graduates with the ability to apply their learning in the three key areas of business administration, accounting, and information, to real world situations, as promising business leaders. Students will be amazed at the transformation in themselves over four years at Okayama Shoka University!