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Founding philosophies

  • Training people who can make a contribution to society, to have the right outlook on life and values, with the broadest possible vision.
  • Training people who are modest yet enthusiastic, with a never-give-up fighting spirit toward knowledge and truth.
  • Training people to be intrigued by industry, to have an understanding of culture, and to work imaginatively toward the flowering of society.

Educational ideals

Cultivating people who have an accurate understanding of social phenomena, through which they can analyze and solve social problems.

The University sets the following objectives based upon our educational philosophy.

Providing a wide range of learning opportunities
The University offers a wide range of learning opportunities which cultivate an independent outlook that enables students to acquire an accurate understanding of the world.

Promotion of Learning
The University promotes academic learning which trains students in the ability to discover and solve questions, by acquiring profound knowledge, penetrating insight and problem-solving abilities.

Engaging with society
Okayama Shoka University is dedicated to producing well-rounded and broad-minded individuals who appreciate the importance of engaging constructively with the world around them for the benefit of others.